Discount Worldpackers: 20% OFF + Free Flights [March23]


Is worldpackers free? How much does the worldpackers annual membership cost? Is there a lifetime payment for worldpackers? Can I pay worldpackers monthly? Is there a worldpackers subscription to travel with a friend or partner? Do you want a 20% discount on worldpackers? How to get a promotional coupon from worldpackers? How are worldpackers promotional coupons activated? Get a 10 dollar discount on worldpackers with the promotional code ANSIASDEVIVIR.

10 Dollars Discount on Worldpackers
10 Dollars Discount in Worldpackers with the Promo Code ANSIASDEVIVIR

Hii everyoneee!! I’m sorry if I don’t write well in English, I’m a Spanish girl haha and I don’t know if you know but… English is not taught well in Spanish schools  😅

I want to talk to you about worldpackers prices and how worldpackers promo codes work.

I will also tell you about the worldpackers plans. Because there are 4 worldpackers plans and I think not everyone knows it.

If you are not interested in any of this and you just want a worldpackers discount, you can use the promotional coupon ANSIASDEVIVIR or win it through the following button:

Through this promotional code you will always earn a 10 dollar discount. On top of that, every month there are new worldpackers promotions. I will always update the worldpackers offers month by month.

So if you do not want the worldpackers discount now, if you want to save this page to be aware of the next worldpackers discounts.

What is Worldpackers?

Worldpackers is a website with volunteer’s jobs all over the world. Thanks to this website, thousands of people travel around the world every year as volunteers. Worldpackers is simply the platform that connects travelers with hosts who need help with their business or organizations.

By volunteering with worldpackers, you save on accommodation, some meals and much more. In this way traveling for a year is very cheap and affordable for everyone.

How much does worldpackers cost?

The price for worldpackers is $49 without promotional code. If you want a 10 dollar discount on worldpackers, you can use the promo code ANSIASDEVIVIR. (20% DISCOUNT)

You can do as many volunteers as you want for a year. There is no monthly or lifetime membership.

When you pay for the worldpackers annual membership, you can apply to as many volunteers as you want for free for one year.

Is there a lifetime worldpackers membership?


For a short time now, worldpackers has allowed you to convert your membership to life.

To do this you have to buy an annual membership, and during the first year you need to have 5 positive reviews.

If in a year you do not reach 5 positive reviews but do reach 3 reviews, you will earn a 50% discount on the annual renewal of your worldpackers membership. In this way, if in two years you get 5 reviews, from then on all worldpackers renewals will be free.

Remember that you can use the worldpackers promotional code to have a 10 dollar discount on your first membership.


You can read more about the benefits of worldpackers reviews here.

What is the price of worldpackers if I want to travel with a partner?

The price of worldpackers for couples is 59 dollars without promotional code. With the promo code ANSIASDEVIVIR you get a 10 dollar discount on the membership for two of worldpackers. So the price of worldpackers for two people would be 49 dollars with a promotional code.

Other worldpackers prices

In addition to the individual worldpackers membership and the couples membership, there is a premium membership in both cases that includes more things: «pack memberships».

Pack memberships include the worldpackers academy, discounts at various travel companies and also an extension of worldpackers insurance from 3 to 7 days.

The price of the «only pack» membership is 89 dollars with the promotional code ANSIASDEVIVIR.

The price of the «couples/friends pack» membership is 109 dollars with the same promotional code.

Worldpackers price summary

I have made an excel to summarise all the prices of the Worldpackers plans:

Worldpackers price table
Worldpackers Price


This way you can see that travelling with Worldpackers is cheaper than a cheap meal per month. Sometimes I like to compare the value and price of things, I don’t know if I’m the only one haha.

For more information about the difference between the 4 plans, you can enter here.

Can I use worldpackers for free?

You can register for free in worldpackers and see all the volunteer options. In this way, you can see all the information about the volunteers, including the comments of other travelers who have already been. Also, you can create a wish list, marking with a heart the volunteers that call your attention.

But to apply for volunteering you need to pay the annual membership fee. With worldpacker membership you can write both to the hosts and private messages to travelers who have already volunteered.

In addition, with the worldpackers membership you have access to 24/7 support and also the right to 3 nights (or 7) of accommodation if you have any problems.

Let’s see better in the next section what you get when you pay the annual membership of worldpackers.

What is included in the Worldpackers price?

The prices of all worldpackers memberships include:

  • Verified hosts. Worldpackers verifies hosts one by one before they can publish offers. This way worldpackers is safer because they know that most travelers are women traveling alone.
  • 24/7 support in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The customer service team is before, during and after the trip.
  • Worldpackers life membership. You have the possibility to never pay for your annual Worldpackers membership again. With 5 positive reviews, worldpackers is free forever.
  • Access to classes. You have access to classes and exclusive content.
  • Earn money with worldpackers. With Worldpackers you have the option to earn money in several ways, such as writing for them or using your own promotional code after having 3 positive reviews.
  • Community and experts. Worldpackers pays experienced travelers to do seminars and share their knowledge.
  • Confirmation of trips. Through Worldpackers, you can confirm your trip with the host. This way, all 3 parties know in case there are any problems.
  • Chat with the hosts: You will be able to chat with the hosts through private messages through worldpackers, which is very safe.
  • Audio messages: Since a few weeks ago, in addition to being able to write private messages, you will be able to send audios. This makes the conversation with the host closer and you will be able to feel their energy.
  • Write your opinion. After your experience with a Worldpackers host, you will be able to write an honest review. This way you can help other travelers.
  • Talk privately with other travelers. You will be able to talk privately with travelers who have already lived the volunteering experience you want to see. This allows you to ask them all your questions and they can open up to you if there was something they didn’t like but didn’t write it in the reviews.

The difference of some services in premium memberships:

  • Exclusive discounts for other travel companies, such as for language courses, travel insurance, etc. Discounts are mostly on premium memberships.
  • Worldpackers insurance: up to 3 nights or $49 in hostel on Trips plans and up to 7 nights or $199 on Pack plans.
  • Premium memberships include free access to the worldpackers academy.

If you want more information about the differences between Packs (premium) and Trips (basics) memberships, you can see it here.

Worldpackers discount updates month by month

Every month I am going to edit this publication to tell you about the offers that worldpackers have month by month.

Worldpackers discount January 2023: 10 dollars discount on worldpackers + SURPRISE

During the month of January with the promotional code ANSIASDEVIVIR you get a 10 dollar discount on worldpackers and up to 500 dollars on flights.

Worldpackers Promotion (February 2023): 10 dollars discount on worldpackers and exciting new upgrades!!!

Get $10 off at Worldpackers with promo code ANSIASDEVIVIR.

In addition to the $10 discount at worldpackers, I come with fresh news!!! From now on there is a new update that you all are going to like. Thanks to it, you can earn money with worldpackers and get free worldpackers renewals.

  • If you have 1 positive review on your worldpackers profile, you earn a 20% discount on your annual renewal at worldpackers.
  • If you have 3 positive reviews, you get a 50% discount on worldpackers. In addition, you are entitled to have your own worldpackers promo code, for which you will be paid $10 for each person who subscribes through your code.
  • If you get 5 positive reviews, worldpackers is free forever.

If you want more information about this, you can see it here.

Worldpackers’ March 2023 offer: Get $10 off at worldpackers and win up to $500 on flights

This March, in addition to earning $10 off with promo code you can earn up to $500 on airline tickets.


Only those who register in March and answer the Worldpackers question will be eligible to win the $500 flights.

How to activate the Worldpackers promotional code?

There are two ways to activate the Worldpackers voucher code, and both are very intuitive: either by using the discount voucher code directly or by using a link that takes you to the Worldpackers website and offers you the voucher with the discount.

Then just follow the instructions of the payment method. When it asks you for the promotional code, enter: ANSIASDEVIVIR


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